Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Col Leo C. Moon 1918-2013

During WWII, Leo Moon was the commander of the 508th squadron of the 404th Fighter Group,flying P-47 Thunderbolts.In late 1944 he succeeded Colonel McColpin as Group Commander, a post he occupied until two weeks before the end of the war in Europe. Leo was a very well-known USAF test pilot, and at one time in his career(1947-1949) commanded the USAF test pilot school at Edwards AFB. Chuck Yeager, Al White and many other famous test pilots were under Col. Moons' command. Leo himself flew a great number of test aircraft, and was well known as an outstanding aeronautical engineer.Col Leo Moon was Commanding Officer at the Parachute Experimental Unit, El Centro, CA, in 1951-52.