Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jacques Rosay 1949-2015

Jacques Rosay joined Airbus as a test pilot in 1995 and two years later became the project pilot for the A380, then known as the A3XX. In 2000 he was appointed vice president chief test pilot of Airbus’ flight test division. Prior to joining Airbus, he was chief test pilot at the French flight test centre in southern France, where he became project pilot for several military aircraft and tested almost 150 different models of military and civilian aircraft. He also worked as a certification test pilot for the Joint Aviation Authorities on various aircraft including Airbus’ A320, A321, A330 and A340 while also working part-time as a pilot for Air France. Jacques Rosay performed the maiden flights of the A318, A340-500 and the A380. He has some 10,000 flight hours to his credit, including 6,000 hours of flight tests. Jacques Rosay was born in 1949 in Valréas, France.