Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Godfrey Auty 1921-2001

Godfrey Auty who for many years was a Bristol Aircraft Company test pilot. He flew the supersonic T188 on its maiden flight and also flew the restored Bristol Bulldog on its first test flight. As chief test pilot he flew the Type 221 for the first time on May 1st 1964. 
 Godfrey Auty Chief Test Pilot of Bristol Aeroplane Company, pictured here waiting for takeoff.
probably in a Type 188. Of his many interesting escapades of particular interest, was with the Bristol Bulldog which had been stored at the Science Museum during the World War Two conflict, until 1957. After being loaned for the filming of 'Reach for The Sky', it was returned to Filton for an overhaul and a new Jupiter VIIFP (no. J7508) engine, which had been built from four old ones. Godfrey Auty test flew G-ABBB on the 22 June 1961. After this the plane was repainted in No 56 Squadron's, red-and white chequerboard insignia, with the serial K2227, it was presented to the Shuttleworth Trust.

Hand signed cover by Godfrey Lovell Auty Bristol Aeroplance Company Test Pilot 1951-1972 & Chief Test Pilot 1960-1972 and Dr William John Strang Chief Designer