Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dennis Tayler 1915-2006

Dennis Tayler learned to fly after joining RAF in 1939 and made over 100 operational sorties with Nos 50 and 139(Pathfinder)Sqns,in Mosquitos. Posted to RAE Farnborough in July 1945 to fly German aircraft back to England; subsequently joined the establishment's Experimental Flying Department. Flew with the Radio and Aerodynamic Flights, where he flew the AW 52, FD.l and FD.2, Avro 707,deflected jet Meteor, SB.5 and SC.l research aircraft,among others. Chief test pilot of Short Brothers and Harland since 1961 when he joined from RAE Farnborough. Made first flights of both the Skyvan and Belfast freighters.