Saturday, December 15, 2007

Per (Peter) Bugge 1918-1998

Peter Bugge(right) with John Cunningham on a Comet Test Flight

Peter Buggé was Chief Development Test Pilot with the DeHavilland Company from 1945. He was born at Kristiansund, Norway in 1918 and entered the Norwegian airforce in 1939. After the German invasion of Norway he escaped to Britain and eventually joined the RAF in 1941 - serving with No's 604, 255 and 85 Squadrons. He flew Beaufighters and Mosquitos.

In December 1955 he co-piloted the Comet 3 on the round world flight. And in July Commanded the BEA 4B that won the prize for originality and ingenuity in the Daily Mail Blériot Air Race.