Tuesday, December 18, 2007

S/Ldr Frederick John 'Jeep' Cable AFC 1915-1950

Frederick John Cable was a Ministry of Supply test pilot at A.F.E.E., Beaulieu, and his flying
career was probably unique in that he had never flown a fixed-wing aircraft.
Born in 1915, " Jeep " Cable, as he was always known, was taught to fly at the age of 16 by Alan
Marsh, and as soon as he could, at the age of 17, obtained his pilot's licence—for rotary-wing aircraft only. Thereafter, he joined the Cierva Company and became, in turn, a flying instructor, staying with the company as an engineer "and instructor until 1939, when he became engineer and pilot in charge of experimental flying with G. and J. Weir, Ltd. At the outbreak of war he went to Duxford as a civilian pilot, but was commissioned in the R.A.F. in 1941, finally becoming the Commanding Officer of the Research, Development and Training Unit for Rotary Wing Aircraft A.F.E.E., Beaulieu. He left the Service in August, 1947. and took up a civilian appointment with the Minister of Supply as chief helicopter test pilot at A.F.E.E.

He was killed on the 13th June 1950 along with Mr. H. A. Marsh and Mr. J. Unsworth. All three were involved in an accident,which occurred near Eastleigh, to the Cierva Air Horse when the rotor blade broke away.