Monday, May 12, 2008

Lt Alfred Montague 'Dasher' Blake AFC 1890-1937

Lt Alfred Montague 'Dasher' Blake AFC learnt to fly at the old South Coast Flying School, which he joined in 1912. In 1914 he went to Russia to take upa post in the aircraft department of the Baltic Waggon Works,Petrograd. He returned in October 1914, and joined the A.I.D. In June 1915, he was granted a commission in the Royal Naval Air Servicce and was posted to the station at Chelmsford in command of night flying.
In 1916 Blake was transferred to No2 Wing Eastern Mediterranean Squadron, and in 1917 he returned and was posted toRedcar, where in 1918,he took up duties as Flight Commander at No2 School of Special Flying. After the war Blake held a number of different appointements, and left the service in 1926 to go to Rhodesia for the Aircraft Operating Company.

Blake was engaged by the Blackburn Company to pilot Mr Charles Blackburn on two demonstration tours in Blackburn Bluebird in 1927 and at the conclusion of the tours he was appointed Chief Test Pilot, a post in which he occupied until his death. All Blackburn types produced at Brough were tested by Blake.

He died suddenly at his home on October 16th 1937.