Saturday, October 18, 2008

Max Fischl 1922-2006

Born in Paris in 1922, Max Fischl developed an interest in aeronautics at a young age, a field in which he would devote his entire career to. He did however start his career in the Merchant Navy,learning the secrets of telegraphy.
During WW2 he escaped to Britain and then to Canada, becoming a military pilot in the schools of the RAFin 1945. He obtained a diploma in Flight Testing from EPNER in 1952.
After greaduation from EPNER,he joined Hurel Dubois and then onto SNCASO,which beame Aerospatiale. He flew several legendary aircraft there. Trident,Vautour and the Caravelle. He was appointed Senior Test Pilot at Airbus Industrie and made the maiden flight of the Airbus A300B on 30th October 1972.
During his career,he flew more than 10,000 hours, 6,500 of which were as a test pilot.