Friday, December 12, 2008

Mike H. Fuller

Mike Fuller started his flying career with the Fleet Air Arm in 1963,specialising in anti-submarine warfare. He qualified as a flying instructor at the Central Flying School and was Captain of the winning team in the 1967 International Search and Rescue competition for the Henry Dunant Trophy. He left the service the same year to join Westland as a test pilot.
He was project pilot for the military and civil versions of the Gazelle, and was involved with the overseas icing trials of the Wessex Mk.5.
Mike was involved with the development of the Lynx from the experimental stages in 1971 to being project pilot (development and aircrew training) for all overseas contracts which included Netherlands,France,Germany,Norway,Brasil,Korea and South Africa.
He was project pilot on the EH101 Merlin for icing trials in Canada and Denmark developing the heated rotor blade system.
He was awarded the R.P. Alston medal for services to test flying by the Royal Aeronautical Society in 1985.