Monday, August 31, 2009

Donald P. Germeraad 1921-1992

Donald P. Germeraad served in the US Navy during WW2, flying aircraft in the Pacific theatre. He was awarded thirteen Navy combat and service medals. He was a Commanding Officer of Naval Reserve Jet and Transport Squadrons.
Post war he joined Convair in 1946 and was with them,General Dynamics and Astronautics for 20years. He was project pilot and flew the maiden flights of the Convair XP5Y,R3Y,240 Turboliner,Cv880 and CV990.
Latterly, he was involved with deep sea submersibles and ground effect machines.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Armand Jacquet 19xx-2008

Armand Jacquet (right) with Andre Turcat

Armand Jacquet

Robert L. Matye 1922-2009

Robert L. Matye joined US Army Air Corps 1942. He was part of the 1st jet fighter group in USAF

Flying the YP-59 and XP80 . He joined Lockheed as a production test pilot in 1948 and became an engineering test pilot in 1949,joining the “Skunk Works”.

He was a U-2 project pilot, being the 2nd person to fly the aircraft. He performed the majority of the altitude expansion tests, during his 3rd flight he suffered engine failure and pressurization loss.

He became the F-104 Starfighter’s Chief pilot, developing the F-104A/B/C variants. In July 2005 he was awarded the CIA Seal Medallion for U-2 testing

Monday, August 03, 2009

S/Ldr Jimmy O Mathews DSO DFC * 1921-19??

Jimmy Matthews joined the RAF in 1940 at 19 and served with 125 (Newfoundland) Sqn and later served
with 100 Group, 85 and 157 Squadrons as a Mosquito Nightfighter pilot.He was credited with 11 kills and he also destroyed 10 V-1 flying bombs. In 1944 he was awarded the DFC for his anti-flying bomb operations and in the same year a Bar to it for his night-fighter work over France. In 1945 he won the D.S.O and left the RAF in May 1946. He joined Fairey Aviation the same year as a test pilot and in 1950 was appointed to manage trials with air to air guided weapons, Firing 'Fireflash' missiles from converted Meteors and Hunter.He took over the later phase of testing in the Fairey Delta FD-2 and following the westland take-over converted to helicopters flying Scout and Wasp.He retired from test flying in 1963.He died in Australia.