Friday, August 07, 2009

Robert L. Matye 1922-2009

Robert L. Matye joined US Army Air Corps 1942. He was part of the 1st jet fighter group in USAF

Flying the YP-59 and XP80 . He joined Lockheed as a production test pilot in 1948 and became an engineering test pilot in 1949,joining the “Skunk Works”.

He was a U-2 project pilot, being the 2nd person to fly the aircraft. He performed the majority of the altitude expansion tests, during his 3rd flight he suffered engine failure and pressurization loss.

He became the F-104 Starfighter’s Chief pilot, developing the F-104A/B/C variants. In July 2005 he was awarded the CIA Seal Medallion for U-2 testing