Sunday, November 13, 2011

Barry Radley 1923-1989

After joining the R.A.F. in 1938, he became a night fighter pilot in No. 125 Sqn. during the war, and an R.A.F. test pilot in 1946. Was at E.T.P.S. in 1949 on No8 course, and at R.A.B. for 21 years. Flew with Sabena for six months before joining Hunting Percival in 1953. He became deputy chief test pilot of Hunting Aircraft and latterly joined IATA in Montreal until 1962 before sailing for South Africa in 1963 to join the Department of Transport in Pretoria as a senior inspector of flying. A member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, He had over 5,000hr flying on 140 different aircraft types.