Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kingsley 'Peter' Henry Tisshaw 1923-1949

Kingsley Peter Henry Tisshaw was born at Putney on September 25th, 1923, and received his education at St. Paul s School and at Aberdeen University. He joined the R.A F in 1941 and, after training in the U.S.A., served as a flying instructor at a number of R.A.F. home stations. He married in 1945 and in December of that year was posted to Turkey, returning to this country in January, 1947. Two months later he left the R.A.F. and took his " B " Licence and Second
Navigator's Licence with Straight Aviation Training Ltd. before joining Boulton Paul in August, 1947. He was killed alongside BPA Chief Test Pilot Lindsay Neale in an accident to a prototype Balliol T.2 on February 3rd 1949. The aircraft was being flown from Wolverhampton Airport on one of a series of diving tests by Mr. Lindsay Neale, with Mr. Tisshaw acting as observer. After brief tests from some 14,000ft, the Balliol was seen to be descending at very high speed and crashed in a field about half a mile from the airport, both pilots being instantly killed. The cause of the accident was due to the canopy becoming detached.
Peter Tisshaw belonged to a generation of " up and coming " young test pilots, and his skill in flying and reliability of judgment had already commanded the respect of his colleagues.
Quiet in manner and very likeable in disposition, he was happiest when in the air.