Monday, December 12, 2011

Russell 'Russ' Pengelly AFC QCVS 1945-1979

Russ Pengelly was one of Britain's most brilliant pilots. He was renowned for his aerobatic displays in the Lightning, becoming the official RAF demonstration pilot. He showed at Farnborough and many other air shows that he possessed an unique skill to display an aircraft with grace, verve and precision whilst remaining wholly within the view of the spectators.
After completing test-pilot training at the Empire Test Pilots School, Russ remained at Boscombe Down in "A" squadron as Harrier project test pilot until joining BAe at Warton in June 1977. He immediately became involved in the Tornado programme as well as participating in all the other test-flying activities at Warton and showed himself to be an outstanding test pilot in all respects.
 He was killed in the crash of Tornado P.08 on June 12th 1979 whilst carrying out a loft-bombing manoeuvre