Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gianluca Evangelisti

Gianluca Evangelisti was born and raised in Florence, Italy, Gianluca received a Master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Italian Military Air Force Academy in 1967.He entered the Italian Air Force as a fighter pilot and in 1974 graduated from the United Kingdom’s Empire Test Pilot School. After a successful nineteen year career with the Italian Air Force, Gianluca continued flying as a test pilot for Alenia Aeronautica until 2006.
Gianluca accumulated more than 16,000 hours as a test pilot and has been involved in the test and evaluation of large, medium, tactical, and training aircraft. Programs that he has been involved in include the Boeing 707 Tanker; G222, C-27A and C-27J Medium Transport Aircraft Programs; the Tornado GR4 Ground Attack Aircraft; and the successful MB-339A Advanced Jet Trainer Program.
Mr. Evangelisti oversees all business development activities in Alenia North America and continues to fly for Alenia Aeronautica as a flight instructor for the C-27J. He maintains flight proficiency in the Eurofighter and Ameracchi’s M346 Advanced Jet Trainer.