Monday, January 09, 2012

Llewellyn Oliver Moss MM 1895-1946

Llewellyn Oliver Moss was chief production test pilot of the Gloster Aircraft Company.

Llewellyn Oliver Moss was born in Harriestham Kent in 1895.
After serving in the Dorsetshire Yeomanry in WW1, he transferred to the R.F.C. and remained in the R.A.F. Reserve. Flying Officer  Moss relinquished his commission in the RAF on the 21 July 1933. At the outbreak of the second European war he was considered too old to fly with the R.A.F., and therefore joined the A.T.A. Later, he was in charge of the A.T.A. Brockworth pool, and, in view of his good work, was employed in 1942 by Glosters as production test pilot on the Typhoon contract. He also carried out production tests on Meteors and had also helped with development work on this type. He was killed in a test flying accident on 9th May 1946.