Thursday, January 12, 2012

Maurice Longbottom DFC 1916-1945

Maurice Longbottom DFC flew 90 different planes in his career including a Spitfire that was painted pink so it couldn't be seen during photo-reconnaissance missions on cloudy days.
He learned to fly at the Bristol Flying School in 1935 and his expertise led to him becoming involved in many areas of our aerial efforts during the war.
And it was while he was test flying a Vickers Warwick GR Mk V that he died aged 29.
The plane suffered severe rudder overbalance and spun into ground making its approach to Brooklands at Weybridge, Surrey, in January 1945.
In an unfortunate twist, Longbottom's elder brother Philip was also killed in the war while flying.
He was training in America in July 1942 when he and seven other RAF flying cadets and a US instructor encountered bad weather and crashed. All were killed
He was involved in all manner of combat and did test flying, photo-reconnaissance and of course worked closely with Barnes Wallis on the bouncing bomb.