Friday, June 15, 2012

Capt. C. R. McMullin 1894-1931

Capt. McMullin joined the Royal Flying Corps from the infantry in 1917 and learned to fly at the Central Flying School at Upavon. He served in France with No. 22 Squadron and at the No. 1 Aeroplane Supply Depot. On demobilisation in 1919 he joined Mr. Holt Thomas in Aircraft Transport and Travel, Ltd., and was the first pilot to fly a passenger aeroplane on the regular air line from Paris to London (Hounslow) in August, 1919.
In 1921 Capt. McMullin was selected by the Air Ministry to proceed to China to instruct Chinese  Government students in aviation. He remained there for about one year, and in addition to instruction work inaugurated a passenger service between Peking and Pei-tai-ho. From 1923 to 1926 he was acting as pilot with the Skywriting Company, and flew on their behalf in Great Britain, America, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
In 1927 he joined the Fairey Aviation Co., Ltd., as test pilot, and in 1931 became chief test pilot of the firm.

Capt. McMullin and Mr. Kenneth Wright,both of the Fairey Aviation Company were killed whilst flying in the latter's " Bluebird " from Gosselies to Brussels on September 8 1931 and had landed en route at Nivelles to inspect some " Fairey "aircraft recently delivered to Belgium. When leaving Nivelles the machine crashed, and both occupants were killed outright. The cause of the accident is stated to be due to the airscrew breaking.