Saturday, October 20, 2012

Alan Sutcliffe DFM 19xx-1949

From left: H. Ken Cartwright, Mike Randrup, J.F. Olver and Alan Sutcliffe DFM

Alan Sutcliffe had a distinguished R.A.F. career he was awarded the D.F.M. as a bomber pilot. He completed tours with No. 85 Squadron (Mosquito night fighters) and with a fighter interception unit where he
was engaged on operational testing of new airborne radar. He spent two years as a Service test pilot in the Engine Research Flight of the R.A.E., Farnborough. He joined D.Napiers  in June 1946 as an engine test pilot. He was killed on Friday, November 4th 1949 as a result of an accident to the Tempest on which he was making a routine test flight. A colleague wrote of him: Test pilots of the calibre of Alan Sutcliffe
are rare, and his loss will be felt acutely by his company and by the industry as a whole. Those who knew him will have lost a staunch companion and loyal friend.