Saturday, August 27, 2005

BGen Robert L. Cardenas, USAF 1920-

General Cardenas became and Experimental Test Pilot during "The Glory Days of Muroc." He has flown more than 30 different types of aircraft.
He was in charge of the XS-1 supersonic project and piloted the B-29 which dropped then Captain Chuck Yeager into the realm of supersonic flight. He was also the Chief Test Pilot on the YB-49 Flying Wing that flew 42 years before the B-2.
Cardenas was Commander of the 18th Tactical Fighter Wing on Okinawa flying combat missions out of Thailand and Commander of the 835th Air Division, training F-105 combat crews for service in Vietnam.
He was Chief of the Aircraft and Missile Programs Division; Chief of Special Operations Division at U.S. Strike Command Headquarters; Commander of the Air Force Special Operations Force and Chief of the JL Division of the Joint Strategic Targeting Staff which was responsible for the U.S. Nuclear War Plan.
Cardenas served several State and Federal policy groups including an appointment to the White House as the California Coordinator for the Southwest Border Economic Action Group.
Cardenas has been honored by the Distinguished Service Medal, legion of Merit with cluster, Distinguished Flying Cross, purple Heart, Meritorious Service Medal, the Air Medal with four clusters, the Joint Service commendation, the Air Force Commendation, the Presidential Citation and the Aerospace Walk of Honor (1995).