Friday, December 02, 2005

David Lockspeiser 1927-2014

LDA Boxer aircraft,designed and built by David Lockspeiser

David Lockspeiser studied aircraft design at Miles Aeronautical Technical School and Hawker Siddeley between 1945-9. He joined the RAF and flew on 118 Fighter Ground Attack and 245 Fighter Squadrons. He Qualified as a Pilot Attack Instructor and Instrument Rating Examiner 1949-55.
He left the RAF as a Flt. Lt to join Hawker Aircraft Ltd as a test pilot, flying various aircraft and programmes but mostly on the Hunter Production development, weapons development and demonstrations between 1955-68. He Joined the Civil Aircraft Division of British Aircraft Corporation, where his Commercial Pilot License was endorsed for half a dozen types between 1968-76.

He became a Test pilot with Lockheed Aircraft Services Singapore, where a comprehensive new weapons and reconnaissance installations update was undertaken with the Singapore Air Force Hunters. After redesigning the instrument panel, he carried out all aspects of the flight test programme including reports and compilation of operating notes.

As a full spare time private venture, David designed and built, with help, the LDA Boxer, a single engined tandem wing proof of concept utility aircraft. He formed Lockspeiser Aircraft Ltd. and had developed the project to the anticipated production configuration. However before these modifications could be flown the aircraft was totally destroyed by an arson attack on the hangar where it was kept.

He has flown over 7000 hrs on around 100 different types, 160 including variants.