Monday, January 09, 2006

Joel Robert 'Bob' Baker 1920-2011

Bob Baker first soloed while a student at RPI,graduating with a BS in Aero Eng in 1941. He was unable to pass a military colour vision test, so taught at RPI then became a CFI.From 1943 through 1974, Bob flew 14,000 hrs in 120 aircraft types as a pilot with: Curtis Wright,NACA, Chance Vought,North American Aviation,Boeing and the Garrett Corp.

In his career he has made 6 first of type flights

XF7U Cutlass maiden flight on 29 September 1948,

F6U Pirate maiden flight 29 June 1949

XA2J Savage maiden flight 4 January 1952

YF-107 maiden flight on 10 September 1956

Volpar Turboliner

Casa 212 Aviocar maiden flight 26 March 1972

He bailed out twice, once due to a burning P-47N during high speed propeller runs, and the other on April 9, 1957, when the TF-100C he was testing was lost when it spun into the ground and crashed during a spinning test. Fortunately, test pilot Bob Baker ejected safely.,despite ejecting after the 12th spin!

Bob Baker passed away in Madrid on 14th November 2011