Tuesday, June 20, 2006

S/Ldr John 'Fifi' S. Fifield OBE,DFC,AFC 1917-2014


John Fifield

John Fifield was a test pilot for 23 years with Martin-Baker.While most military pilots hope that they will never have to eject, Sqn Ldr Fifield had deliberately "banged out" no fewer than six times on company trials.
His initial ejection—the first by anyone at ground level—was performed from a Gloster Meteor travelling at 120kt, shortly after he joined Martin-Baker in 1955. Within a month he had ejected from the same aircraft at an altitude of 42,000ft, riding the seat down to 10,000ft before parachute deployment. Sqn Ldr Fifield flew Spitfires during the Second World War, and was a National Gas Turbine Establishment test pilot before joining de Havilland.