Saturday, January 20, 2007

Arnold.G.Heimerdinger 1910-1975

A.G. Heimerdinger, flight operations manager for the Douglas Santa Monica Division; assisted by William M. Magruder, copilot and Paul H. Patten, systems operator; was at the controls for first flight of the DC-8.
Cover signed by A.G.Heimerdinger to celebrate the maiden fligt of Douglas DC-8 N8008D

A.G. "Heimie" Heimerdinger, who commanded the maiden flight of the McDonnell Douglas DC-8 in 1958, joined Douglas in 1952 as project pilot for the DC-6B and successively flew the DC-7, DC-8 and DC-9, gaining several point-to-point records for the DC-8 series. He retired in 1974.