Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Arthur John 'Bill' Pegg 1906-1978

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A J (Bill) Pegg was the chief Test pilot for the Bristol Aeroplane Company. He had joined the RAF as a boy apprentice at 15 becoming a flight mechanic. In 1925 he was accepted for training as an NCO pilot with 43 Fighter Squadron. He quickly became an instructor and in 1931 was given a commission and singled out as a pilot with 'exceptional ability' and posted to the Aircraft and Armament Experimental Establishment, Martlesham, as a test pilot. In 1935 he resigned his commision and joined BAC becoming Chief Test pilot when CF Uwins stepped down in 1947.
He made the maiden flight of the Bristol Brabazon Mk 1 on Sunday 4th September 1949 alongside Walter Gibb as co-pilot. He also flew the maiden flight of the Bristol 175 Britannia on 16th August 1952.
He flew over 150 types including the American B 36 bombers as practice before flying the Brabazon.