Monday, April 28, 2008

Tim M.S Ferguson 1932-1997

Tim Ferguson started flying in August 1950 when he joined the RAF. After demobilisation, he flew with No603 Sqn (City of Edinburgh) R.AuxAF. He joined English Electric as a production test pilot in January 1955, also flying the company’s communication aircraft. After Lightning, he was involved in Jaguar and Tornado Flight testing, he landed a Jaguar on the M55 motorway as part of operating trials. In 1975, he was part of the crew (with David Eagles) that flew the Tornado P.03 on its maiden flight. He became Deputy Chief Test Pilot for BAC before retiring from Test Flying in 1979 and transferring to product support.

He was awarded the Derry and Richards medal in 1977 for his high-incidence and spinning experimental work.