Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Jacques Guignard 1920-1988

Jaques Guignard (left) with Charles Goujon


Jacques Guignard became a military pilot aged nineteen, having rejoined the FAFL in June 1940. He flew 370 missionsduring WW2,claiming 3 victories. Post war he tarined asa test pilot at ETPS and became the second French pilot (after Clear Maurice) to fly a jet aircraft, the Meteor. He returned to France in 1945 and began his career as a test pilot at the CEV and on January 29 1946 at 35years of age he carried out his first maiden flight. In all he carried out test flights on 16 prototypes 10 of which were maiden flights. He nearly lost his life twice in crashes of the Trident, however, he did go on to co-pilot Concorde on its maiden flight alongside Andre Turcat. He had flown more than 6,000 hours of test flight and was highly decorated.