Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kenneth Martin Reed 1921-1998

Ken Reed served with Imperial Airways before joining the Fleet Air Arm in 1941. Two years later he took a Helicopter Flying Course in the USA and in 1944 a helicopter maintenance test pilots course. He formed No1 Royal Navy Helicopter Flight in 1945 and 2 years later formed and commanded N0705 Sqn.
In 1949 he joined Westland Aircraft as Senior Helicopter Test Pilot and in 1951 flew the first British Helicopter Passenger Service between London and Birmingham.
In 1952 he joined Saunders-Roe as Senior Helicopter Test Pilot and was appointed Chief Helicopter test Pilot in 1958. He was involved with the SARO SKeeter and P.531. He became the first Helicopter Pilot to be awarded a GAPAN Master Air Pilot (Test Pilot) certificate.