Thursday, February 12, 2009

Adam Teleki 1937-

L-R Gert Endler (Inspector), Siegfried Hoffmann(Test Pilot) , Roland Woehrl ( P2 flight line mechenic) and Adam Teleki (FTE)
First Flight of MBB BK117
Tiger PT3 (PAH2 / HAC prototype) flown by Andrew Warner and Adam Teleki FTE

HGH Programme ( High Speed Helicopter programme) using a modified Bo105 to explore the limitations of the hinge-less rotor
Bo 105 S1 D-HABV shows Siegfried Hoffmann, an airfield guard and Adam Teleki after landing at Hinjohosa-del-Duque in southern Spain, direct from Ottobrunn near Munich. This established a new distance record for Class Id rotorcraft, which still stands today.
Adam Teleki