Monday, April 19, 2010

Bernard 'Benny' I. Lynch B.E.M 19xx-1986

Benny Lynch (in cockpit) with J.O Lancaster

On the 24th July 1946, Gloster Meteor EE416 flying 350 mph at 4500 feet before the first live ejection test in the UK. Undertaken by Bernard (Benny) Lynch, then one of Martin-Baker’s experimental fitters, at a speed of 320 mph, this ejection was perfect and was undoubtedly a landmark in the development of aircrew escape equipment and a highlight in the history of the Martin-Baker Aircraft Company.
From July 1946 Benny Lynch went on to make a further sixteen live ejection tests from the Meteors, both at home and overseas, and was awarded the British Empire Medal for his work. In all he made over 30 ejections.