Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Trevor Howard AFRAeS 1928-1984

Trevor Howard was Senior pilot and engineer in charge of flight trials for Beagle-Auster. Learned to fly with Nottingham UAS while at Loughborough College, of which he holds a diploma. Served in the RAF from 1948-49, gaining his wings in 1949.
He joined Auster in 1951 as an aerodynamicist: became chief aerodynamicist at Rearsby in 1959
and in 1961 was appointed senior pilot. In 1963, he was seriously injured in an accident which occurred when he was demonstrating the ski-equipped Beagle D.5/180 at an airstrip near Fribourg, Switzerland. He was killed in 1984 when check flying the last airworthy Varsity. It crashed only a matter of yards before the hard runway at Marchington Airfield, Staffs. following engine trouble.