Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kevin L. Bredenbeck

Kevin L. Bredenbeck is Director of Flight Operations and Chief Test Pilot for Sikorsky Aircraft. Kevin is responsible for the global oversight and operations of the Sikorsky Flight Office, and Flight Operations. Kevin’s charter is to provide the leadership and oversight ensuring that Sikorsky continues its outstanding flight test development safety record across global operations, including definition and implementation of processes and procedures that guarantee that success.

Since joining Sikorsky Aircraft in May of 1994, Kevin has performed in a variety of assignments from Test Pilot to Director Test & Evaluation and been instrumental in developing new technologies for the various production models and the test flying on numerous growth and development programs.

At present he stays busy with the test teams responsible for the six ongoing development programs at Sikorsky. The FBW H-92, the FBW U.S. Army UH-60MU Black Hawk, S-70i International Black Hawk, the S76D, the FBW U.S. Marine Corp CH-53K Super Stallion and the FBW X2 high speed demonstrator helicopter in which he has been involved with since its inception back in 2004.

Prior to joining Sikorsky Aircraft Kevin was an officer in the U.S. Army where his responsibilities ranged from aviation maintenance and contracts, to aero-medical combat operations. Prior to the Army he was an engineer with Sikorsky Aircraft, Stratford, Connecticut and an engineer with United Space Boosters Incorporated, Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

Kevin received a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Studies & Avionics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, is a graduate of National Test Pilot Schools Rotor-Wing Course. Professional training includes the Center for Creative Leadership and the Darden United Technologies Corporation Executive Leaders Program.

He has flown over 24 different fixed-wing and over 35 different rotary-wing types including all Sikorsky series production aircraft. Both military and civilian has accumulated over 6000 total safe flying hours rotary wing and fixed wing in all environments; domestic, international, test and combat. Kevin has received numerous decorations * and awards for aviation safety, performance, and combat service and set an NAA world record in the S70. As for the X-2 Technology Demonstrator in

Professional Affiliations include; Army Aviation Association America, American Helicopter Society, National Aeronautics Association and Society of Experimental Test Pilots.