Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Arthur George 'Tim' Sims 1907-1986

Arthur Sims was born in London in 1907 and went to Canada in 1927.He spent the next four years in the employment of Canadian Wright Ltd. and British Aeroplane Engines Ltd. at Montreal. He assembled, overhauled and tested engines and later became a technical representative. His extensive knowledge of low temperature engines placed him as a mechanic, along with W.R. May, on the 1600 inaugural airmail flight from Fort McMurray, AB, to Aklavik on the Arctic Ocean in 1929. During WWII, he flew military aircraft across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. In addition, he also flew a 40,000 mile demonstration flight of North and South America as captain of a Bristol Freighter aircraft. After the war he was employed as a sales representative for Canadair Ltd. where he test flew the North Star, Sabre and T-33 aircraft. He became director of world-wide military aircraft sales until his retirement from the company in 1964.