Monday, December 02, 2013

F.Doug Adkins

 Doug Adkins Canadair Chief Test Pilot
 Doug Adkins was experimental test pilot for both the CL-215 and CL-415
CF-VTO-X, the CL-84 prototype first flew in hover on 7 May 1965, flown by Canadair Chief Pilot Bill Longhurst. On 12 September 1967, after 305 relatively uneventful flights, CF-VTO-X was at 3,000 ft when a bearing in the propeller control system failed. Both pilot and observer successfully ejected but the prototype was lost. Canadair redesigned its replacement, the CL-84-1 incorporating over 150 engineering changes including the addition of dual controls, upgraded avionics, an airframe stretch 1.60 m longer and more powerful engines.
The first newly designed CL-84-1 (CX8401) flew on 19 February 1970 with Bill Longhurst again at the controls. He continued with the CL-84 program until his retirement from active flying in January 1971. Doug Adkins then assumed the role of chief test pilot. At about the same time, at the height of the Vietnam War, the US Navy expressed interest in the concept. Atkins was dispatched on a cross-country tour that took a CL-84-1 to Washington D.C (landing on the White House lawn),Norfolk,VA and Edwards AFB,eventually full-blown trials on the USS Guam. The CL-84-1 performed flawlessly, demonstrating versatility in a wide range of onboard roles, including troop deployment, radar surveillance and anti-submarine warfare.

The Canadair Regional Jet prototype, RJ70001/C-FCRJ, was formally rolled out at the Canadair facility at Montreal/Dorval airport on 6 May, less than 17 months after first metal was cut, and only four days later, at 0945 hrs on 10 May the aircraft was airborne on its first flight.Piloted by Canadair chief test pilot and director of flight operations Doug Adkins,the inaugural flight lasted 1 hr 25 mins.