Saturday, July 01, 2006

Brien S. Wygle 1924-2020

The maiden flight of the 737 was on 9 April 1967, just two years after the project launch. Boeing's assistant director of flight operations, Brien Wygle (Left) was in command and Lew Wallick (Right) the chief test pilot was co-pilot. Airplane PA099, Manufacturer Serial Number 19437 is the Boeing 737 Prototype. The airplane was painted in December 1966 in an olive drab, dark green and yellow color scheme, and formally rolled out in a ceremony in the Thompson site the same month. Assigned registration was N73700. The airplane was then moved to the Flight Center flight line for final functional tests, fueling, and engine runs. The airplane made its first flight April 9, 1967 from Boeing Field to Paine Field. The Captain was Brien Wygle and the co-pilot was Lew Wallick. Brien S. Wygle is a leader in Northwest aviation with decades of experience as a pilot, engineer and aircraft project manager for The Boeing Company. Until his retirement, Wygle had flown and participated in the development of every Boeing military and commercial jet airplane. He was the chief pilot on the first flight of the Boeing 737 and co-pilot on the first flight of the Boeing 747. Wygle retired as a Boeing vice president.