Monday, April 02, 2007

Ray J. Goudey 1921-2019

Lockheed Experimental Test Pilot Ray Goudey
Flight Crew and Chase Crew for the 1st flight of the Lockheed L-329 Jetstar. Left to right they are Bob Schumacher (copilot), Ernie Joiner (Flt Test Eng), Kelly Johnson (Designer), Jim Wood(USAF Flight Test), Ray Goudey (Pilot) and Tony Levier (Chief Test Pilot/Chase plane for 1st flt).
Ray Goudey was the 3rd Pilot to fly the Lockheed XF-104 after Tony Levier and 'Fish' Salmon.
Ray Goudey was the 2nd pilot to fly the U-2 after Tony Levier. He subsequently flew the 1st flights on the U-2B and U-2C models