Monday, March 12, 2007

Signed Aviation Dinner Menu's,Cards and Posters

1950's Aircraft Poster which I had signed in person by the following test pilots at the last test pilot reunion at Popham Airfield:-
Eric Brown, Tony Blackman, Mike Oliver, Clive Rustin, John Farley, Geoff Worrall, JO Lancaster, David Lockspeiser, Don Knight,Reg Stock, George Aird, Dave Eagles, Roger Topp

Royal Aero Club 50th Anniversary Britannia Trophy Dinner Menu signed by the following past winners:-

1914 - Squadron Commander J.W. Seddon RNAS 
1925 - Alan Cobham
1927 - Lieutenant Richard.R. Bentley
1937 - Flying Officer A.E. Clouston

1938 - Harry A.V.Hogan, Brian K.Burnett, Maurice Larwood Gaine
1939 - Alex Henshaw - for his record flight from London to Cape Town and back
1945 - Group Captain H.J. Wilson
1946 - Group Captain E.M. Donaldson
1947 - Squadron Leader Harold.B 'Micky' Martin and Squadron Leader E.B. Sismore
1950 - Phillip.A. Wills

1952 - W/Cdr Roland.P. Beaumont, F/lt Peter Hillwood and S/Ldr Dennis.A. Watson
1956 - L.Peter Twiss
1957 - Mike Randrup and Walter Shirley
1958 - John Cunningham and Per Bugge
1959 - Peter Latham - 111 Squadron RAF
1960 - T.W. Brooke-Smith
1961 - Anne Burns and Dennis Burns

Fairy Aviation Signed Menu from 1929. It features the signatures of
C.R.McMullin and Maurice E.A. Wright

Westland Helicopters Signed Card

Ted Ciastula, Chief designer Saunders-Roe at the time of the Westland takeover. Responsible for designing P531, Scout, Wasp as senior designer at Hayes played an important part in the initial design of the WG-13, which was to become Lynx


Jazz Young, in charge of the stress office at Hayes.


Desmond Liegh, senior  Stressman at Hayes and later at Yeovil.


Sid Smith,

John Wilson,

Bill Spinks,   


Graham Cole, Sales and Marketing at Yeovil, resident in Brazil for many years.  Became Chairman of Westland.  Awarded CBE


Gilbert Hatton, Production at Hayes


Syd Williams, Inspection at Hayes


Tony Underwood, Structural department Hayes


Ted Roadnight, vibration specialist, moved to Yeovil 1970, Subsequently joined Marketing 


A Boardman, MOD Resident Technical Officer (RTO)


John Firmin Electrical, Radio, Avionics Development, From 1969 Retired 1993 in charge Avionics


Reg Maltby, Senior design; I think Wessex, Sea king etc 


Arthur Baker; senior development Test Engineer.


Reg Swinfield: Chief Stressman Hayes, later at Yeovil


Stan Thear: Electrical design Hayes


Cyril Scott: i/c Radio section White Waltham


Jimmy Wildhaber; Stress Hayes and later I think White Waltham


Betty Tillyer: Central registry Hayes


Mike Breward; Projects Yeovil

Eric Stanmore  ; Radio Installations 
George Isaacs: Chief Electrical designer Hayes and later Yeovil 
Stan Griggs; senior design, Electrical or Mechanical 
Bill Pemberton: Hydraulics Designer Hayes and later Yeovil 
Roy Cowdrey; Structural design Hayes later Yeovil 
Bill Reading; 
Les Fitzgerald: Hydraulics 
Mike Kelly ; Superintendent  White Waltham South, Fairey managed RAF site
Dr Winney: Very Senior Hayes, Head of Technical office
David Balmford; Dynamics Hayes, Chief Dynamics Yeovil became Chief Scientist 
Alan Vincent  Dynamics Hayes and Yeovil 
Mostyn-Davis; Projects Hayes and Yeovil 
Steve Templar: Engineering Management Hayes later Yeovil 
Jim Schofield; Propulsion Rotodyne, Armament design Yeovil 
George Garaghty: Aerodynamics 
Vic Adams: computing in 1957? 
Keiron Mackenzie: Chief aerodynamicist Hayes later Yeovil 
George Smith-Pert : Transmission design Yeovil 
Alan Smith; Lynx Programme Manager
David Gibbings;  

R D Trumper; Chief Development Engineer Hayes and Yeovil 

Vic Rogers, Head Stress Hayes, Chief designer Yeovil became Director 

John Morton Test Pilot  

Ron Cure: rotor design Hayes 

Keith Chadbourn ; Test Pilot 

Archie Pitt ; White Waltham North site superintendent 

Jack Packett; costing

Dr George Hislop; Chief designer Rotodyne became MD at Yeovil 

Bill Denyer; Mechanical designer 

Roger Strange ; Programme Management


Sir Francis Chichester signed menu in recognition of his solo yacht crossing

Dinner in honour of French Air Rally hosts 1963

Signed by Claude Grahame-White, Brabazon of Tara and Alan Lennox-Boyd

Royal Aero Club menu signed by following early aviators:-
Lord Barbazon of Tara 1884-1964

Edward Keith Davies 1885-1968

James George Weir 1887-1973

Sir Thomas Sopwith 1888-1989

Andrew George Board 1878-1973

Medal awarded to G/Capt E.N Ryder for competing in the race.

Menu signed by the following, plus 1 un-identified.

G/C Edgar Norman Ryder DFC* (1914-1995)
W/Cdr Charles Maughan (1923-2009)
Colonel Charles Frederick Howard Gough MC (1901-1977)
Eric Rylands
Arthur Wareham (1909-1985) Editor of Daily Mail
Maj Jacques Allez (President of French Aero Club)
Maj Jack Stewart OBE (Aviation Consultant)

A very nice multi-signed Dinner menu commerating the first flights of deHavilland Comet on the 27th July 1949 and the Bristol Brabazon on the September 4th 1949.This dinner was held at the Dorchester Hotel,Park Lane W London on Wednesday December 20th 1950. It has been signed by several of those involved in the Brabazon and Comet programs.

John Cunningham (1917-2002) - de Havilland Chief Test Pilot - maiden flight of the de Havilland Comet

A.J. 'Bill' Pegg (1906-1978) - Bristol Aeroplane Co. Chief Test Pilot - maiden flight of the Bristol Brabazon

Cyril Uwins (1896-1972)- Former Bristol Aeroplane Co. Chief Test Pilot

Archilbald Russell (1904-1995) - Chief Designer of the Bristol Brabazon

Kennelm Bartlett (1892-1960) - Bristol Aeroplane Co. Sales Director

Clarence (Clary) S. Thom (1900-1960)- de Havilland Sales Director

Sir Aubrey F.Burke (1904-1989) - de Havilland Engine Co. Managing Director

F.E.N.St.Barbe (1892-1975) - de Havilland Business Director

If anyone can identify the remaining two signatures, please email me and let me know

Cartoon from the 1954 Aeroplane magazine depicting the Awards Dinner.
Listed below are some of the signatories of the Dinner menu. It reads like a who's who of British Aviation History,with outstanding Test Pilots,Designers and Engineers.

Michael J. 'Mike' Lithgow (1920-1963)
- Supermarine Test Pilot
World Speed Record
Sqn Ldr Neville F.Duke (1921-2007) - Hawker Test Pilot
World Speed Record
Sir Sydney Camm (1893-1966)
- Aircraft Designer
Designed the Hurricane, Seahawk,Hunter and Harrier
Albert. G.Elliot (1889-1978) - Rolls Royce Chief engineer
Designed the Rolls Royce Merlin and Avon Engines.
W.E.W 'Teddy' Petter (1908-1968) - Aircraft Designer

Designed the Lysander,Whirlwind,Welkin,Canberra,Lightning,Midge and Gnat.

Joseph 'Joe' Smith (1897-1956) - Aircraft Designer

Who took over as Chief Designer for Supermarine's upon the death of R.J.Mitchell and led the team responsible for the subsequent development of the Spitfire and other Supermarine aircraft such as the Swift.

John Cunningham (1917-2002) DeHavilland Test Pilot
Lord Brabazon of Tara (1884-1964) - Pioneer Aviator and holder of British Aviation Licence No 1

Captain Kennelm Bartlett (1892-1960)- Former Bristol Aeroplane Company Sales Director and President F.A.I.
Col Rupert L. 'Mossy' Preston (1902-1982) - Sec-General RAe.C

 Sopwith Apprentices 8th Re-union Dinner 1962 signed by the following:

Neville Duke 
Maurice Smith
E.A 'Chris' Wren
R.J. Ashfield
R.H. Shaw
George Anderson
Herbert Parsons
James Stuart