Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Heinz Erwin Frick AFC MRAeS 1940-

Heinz Frick was born in Switzerland and moved to England at the age of 12. He joined the RAF in 1959 and after flying training on Jet Provost and Vampire T11 was posted to 20sqn in Singapore flying Hunter FGA Mk9.
In 1965 after attending the Lightning OCU,he was posted to 74Sqn based at RAF Leuchars before moving to 5Sqn as an Interceptor Weapons Instructor. After graduating from the Empire Test Pilots School he was transferred to the Fighter Test Squadron at Boscombe Down participating in the testing of Lightning,Harrier,Jaguar and Phantom. Heinz was prsented with an Air Force Cross by the Queen for his test flying over a 4 year period.
He left the RAF in 1972 to join Rolls Royce as an engine test pilot flying most aircraft that were powered by Rolls Royce engines,including helicopters.
In 1978 he joined the team at Dunsfolf,developing the Harrier and Hawk and participating in overseas demonstrations and sisplays of both Hawk and Harrier. He was promoted to Deputy Chief Test Pilot in 1986 and Chief Test Pilot in 1988. Whilst at Dunsfold, Heinz invented the revolutionry SkyHook system, a system to allow Harrier to operate from smaller ships.Forced to retire at age 50 he pursued a career in Civil Aviation.
Heinz was awarded the R.P.Alston and Derry and Richards memorial medals for his services to test flying.He currently still holds two world time to height records achieved in Harrier GR5.