Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Clive Rustin 1932-2019

L-R - Clive Rustin,Bill Bedford,Drury Wood and Hugh Merewether

Following several years as test pilot with the Aerodynamics Research Flight at RAE Bedford supporting early flight research on a multitude of aircraft types including SC1, P1127, Kestrel, Avro 707, FD2, Vulcan and the HP115 and BAC 221 slender delta Concorde research aircraft, Clive Rustin was appointed CO of Avionics Research Flight and later OC Flying at RAE Farnborough.
As CO of the Fighter & Training Test Squadron at the A&AEE at Boscombe Down he was responsible for the Service Clearance programs & release to service for all fast jet & training aircraft for the RAF, Royal Navy & the Army including: Harrier, Jaguar, Tornado, Phantom, Buccaneer and Hawk plus basic evaluations of other aircraft such as the Saab Viggen.

He has flown over 160 aircraft types, including his post RAF involvement in airships and participation on the display circuit in a variety of old warbirds such as the, Venom, Vampire, Hunter & Spitfire.