Thursday, May 17, 2007

Clayton L.Scott 1905-2006

Clayton Scott was born July 15, 1905, in Coudersport, Pa, and would later recall how he saw a barnstorming flier land in his uncle's field. The family later moved to Portland.
By 1928, Scott had his own plane and was giving rides at Seattle Flying Services airfield just south of what is now the West Seattle Bridge. One day, he made an emergency landing at an uncompleted airfield being built by the county a few miles away. That would become what today is Boeing Field. Scott is in the history books for making the first landing and takeoff from Boeing Field. He left in his plane the next morning.
A chance encounter with Bill Boeing in the early 1930s would change Scott's aviation fortunes. While refueling his commuter plane at a marina in Alert Bay, B.C., Scott met Boeing, who was refueling his yacht. They became good friends, and Boeing hired Scott to be his personal pilot.
Scott was chief production test pilot for Boeing from 1940 to 1966, flying both military and commercial planes for the company.