Thursday, August 23, 2007

Everett Edward Elliot 1907-1981

Ed Elliot was born 1st September 1907 at Warren, PA. He joined the US Navy in 1927 and commenced flight training in 1929. Between 1933-1936 he was at NAS Anacostia and served on various ships.
He was discharged from the Navy in 1940 and joined the Curtiss Aircraft Corporation as Chief Test Pilot. He made the maiden flight of the XP-40 and the XP67 on 6/1/44.
He became a POW in 1941 for 10 days whilst on an export mission to the Imperial Iranian Air force before being liberated by allied forces.
He was one of the pilots tasked with evaluating the Japanese Zero aircraft. During his career he flew in excess of 15,000 flight hours,made 75 catapult shots and Landings on the USS Lexington, Langley and Sarratoga.