Friday, May 02, 2008

Clive W. 'George' Simpson 1923-2005

Simpson was always known as "George", but his family used his first name, Clive. He joined the RAF in 1942,training in Canada and staying there as a flying instructor until 1944. He transferred to the FAA and on demobilisation retuned to Loughborough College. He spent two years as a technical advisor to Bristol Aero Engines then rejoined the RAF in 1950,serving as a flying instructor on Training and Coastal Commands. He went to the RAF Handling Squadron at Boscome Down in 1956.

He joined Armstrong Whitworth (AWA) as a Test Pilot and was involved with flight testing the Argosy.He retired from AWA in 1962 and was involved in aerial survey photography before joining British Caledonian on DC7C's. He subsequently went out to Kenya, where he flew for East African Airways and also the Kenya Police.