Friday, July 11, 2008

Jack 'Jackie' Jackson

Jack Jackson flew over 600 combat missions in Vietnam. A highly decorated veteran, Jack is the recipient of four Distinguished Flying Crosses, 33 Air Medals, Navy Comendation Medal for Heroism and Valor, a host of campaign medals and, most recently, the Legion of Merit for Service to His Country. He was called back to active duty for Desert Shield where he served as a Harrier Instructor Pilot.
Jack became a test pilot at Boeing Company in January 1978. He tested virtually every type of U.S. fighter aircraft as well as two Russian fighters (Yak38 and SU-27), accumulating over 10,000 flight hours. He made the first flights in the AV8C, AV8 Night Attack, and the AV8 Harrier II radar aircraft In January 2004, he retired from his position as Chief Pilot-Production Test with Boeing Company where he was responsible for all production activities.