Monday, August 25, 2008

Yvan Littolf 1915-1991

Yvan Littolff was born in January 1915, became a pilot in 1934, flying with the famous acrobatic Patrol of Etampes between 1937-1938, before joining the Airforce in 1939, scoring 18 victories. Having left the Airforce after the war, he joined the C.E.V. and obtained his test pilot llicense No122 in 1949.
John Gonord who undertook the first flight tests of the Leduc 010 aircraft in 1947 required an assistant, and Littolf joined Leduc in 1950. During a test flight of the Leduc 010 prototype on July 25 1952, Littolf was badly injured which resulted in a long hospitalization. After his recovery he rejoined Leduc alongside Jean Sarrail,carrying out altogether 163 drops on the 010, 016 and 021 (of which he made the first flight) and 71 flights on the 022. After leaving Leduc, he joined Potez testing the Potez 840 with Grangette, and then Fouga when Potez was taken over by Fouga. Yvan Littolff made over 7,000 hours of flight