Tuesday, March 22, 2011

James M.Patton Jr 1927-2014

Commenced civilian flight training 1944, soloed 1945,College and USN flight training; designated as Naval Aviator 1949, Night attack carrier pilot 1949-51, Advanced Training flight instructor 1951-53, pilot in USN Reserve fighter squadrons 1953-66; 162 straight-deck carrier landings, 35 at night. (flew SNJ Texan, TBM Avenger, AD Skyraider, F8F Bearcat, F9F-6 Cougar, FJ-3 Fury, F-11F Tiger, F4D Skyray, F8-C Crusader, etc.)

University of Colorado - BS Degree, Aeronautical Engineering, 1956,Flight Test Engineer, Chance Vought Aircraft, Inc., 1956-58. Senior engineer on F8U Navy Spin Demonstration and other projects,Flight Test Pilot, Federal Aviation Agency, 1958-66, testing all classes of aircraft(rotorcraft, transports, and light airplanes) for civil certification. Assigned to Supersonic Transport Development Office 1964-66.

Graduate, US Naval Test Pilot School, Class 25, 1960 (Flight and Academic courses)research Pilot/Engineer, NASA Langley Research Center, 1966-87. Also Chief Test Pilot and Head of Aircraft Operations 1968-87. Author or Co-author of 28 technical publications. Conducted extensive testing in all classes of experimental aircraft and rotorcraft in the U.S. and abroad and in many research simulators. Retired from NASA June 1987. Independent Test Pilot and Consultant to 2003. FAA Designated Engineering Representative as Flight Test Pilot, FAR Parts 23 and 25, authorizing testing for FAA airplane certification.

(1) First flight and subsequent 3-year development testing of Cirrus VK-30 4-place Pusher (1988-91); (2) Performance and handling qualities testing of Learjet 35/36 with large target tow reel pods (1989); (3) Certification testing of Grob Egrett high-altitude turboprop reconnaisance airplane (Germany – 1989-90) ; (4) Deep stall tests of Velocity canard airplane (1989-90); (5) Brake testing of Lear 35 and Embraer 120 airplanes (1992); (6) Spin testing of 3 models, American Champion airplane (1992-94); (7) Complete certification testing of Maule MXT-7-420 turboprop airplane (1995); (8) Deep stall and spin testing of Cozy IV canard airplane (1993); (9) Stall testing of modified Grumman G44 amphibian (1994); (10) Spin testing of Maule turboprop amphibian (1995); (11) Six-turn spin testing of Maule MXT-7-180 (Utility Category) airplane (1997); (12) Propeller governor, noise, and engine/propeller vibration testing of Melex (Polish) M-26 Airwolf military trainer (acrobatics, erect and inverted spins (1998); (13) First flight, subsequent handling qualities and performance testing of new active laminar-flow wing on experimental Cessna 210 (1998-99); (14) stall and performance testing of AeroStar with new MTX propellers (2000); (15) Six-turn spin testing of new model American Champion Citabria (2000), (16) Six-turn spin testing of Red Baron Stearman-Boeing Model 75 with R985 engine and 4-aileron STC's (2002)

- 9,047 flight hours in lightplanes, gliders, helicopters, fighters, transports, and many
experimental and research aircraft. Flight test engineer and test pilot for 46 years.

- 157 aircraft types flown as pilot-in-command, including 71 experimental types flown
as test pilot.