Friday, March 18, 2011

Franco Bonazzi

Franco Bonazzi entered the Air Force Academy at age 18 with the Ibis II course. Upon graduating from the Academy, he was sent to the United States in 1953 where he earned his military pilot license and Combat Ready qualification in the F-84.

Upon his return to Italy in 1955,he was posted the 51st Wing at Istrana to fly fighter bombers and remained there until 1958, flying the F-84G and F-84F. From 1958 until 1968 he was assigned to the Test Flying Unit, flying almost every type of airplane and helicopter used by the ITAF or considered by the Air Staff.
After a tour of duty with the G-4 at the Air Staff, in 1970 he retired to join Aermacchi. During his flying career he accumulated over 6,000 flying hours in more than 70 different types of planes and helicopters. After 36 years of flying, he retired from test flying in 1986 to become Director of Marketing for Aermacchi position. He retired from the company in 1991.