Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Lindell C Hendrix 1921-1980


Republic test pilot Lin Hendrix flew every Republic aircraft from the P-47 Thunderbolt through to the F-105 Thunderchief.
The first Republic YF-105B (54-100) flew on May 26, 1956, piloted by Republic test pilot Lin Hendrix. It flew for one hour but was damaged on landing when the nose gear failed to extend. It was damaged beyond economical repair when it was dropped by the crane operator while it was being removed from the runway at Edwards AFB. The first F-105D (58-1146) flew on June 9, 1959 with Lin Hendrix at the controls.

The Republic XF-84H 'Thunderscreech'- of which two were built. The first aircraft made 11 flights (Test Pilot Hank Beaird), with 10 of these ending in forced landings. The second flew only once, Test Pilot Lin Hendrix refusing to fly the plane again, claiming "it never flew over 450 knots indicated, since at that speed, it developed an unhappy practice of 'snaking', apparently losing longitudinal stability