Friday, August 29, 2008

Pierre Nadot 1907-1991

Pierre Nadot (right) with Tito Maulandi

Pierre Satre and Pierre Nadot (right) in front of an Air France Caravelle
Maiden Flight of SE-210 Caravelle

Pierre Nadot flew his last test flight onboard the Caravelle B IIs for its maiden flight,retiring as a test pilot after a 32 year career. He was succeeded by André Turcat.

His retirement came after starting his career in Naval Aviation in 1929, qualifying as a seaplane pilot in 1930. He began his career as a test pilot in the navy in February 1932; before oing on to work at Nieuport then SNCAO. In 1941 he joined SNCASE,flying light aircraft before moving on to the larger multi-engined aircraft such as the Armagnac, the biggest 4 engined aircraft of its era. He then flew the Grognard jet aircraft before concentrating on the Caravelle,making its first flight on May 27th 1955. It was the first commerical aircraft with tail mounted engines.