Monday, August 25, 2008

Guy Mitaux-Maurouard 1938-

Guy Mitaux-Maurouard started his aviation career as a pilot in the French Air Force in 1959. He is a graduate of the French Test Pilot School class of 1967 (EPNER) at Istres and has test flown virtually every Dassault fighter, starting with the swing wing Mirage G8 in 1968 and culminating with the Rafale C01 single-pilot air force fighter.

He flew the first flight of the Rafale A proof-of-concept fighter in July 1986.

In 1991, Mitaux-Maurouard was succeeded by Yves "Bill" Kerhervé as chief test pilot of military aircraft. Mitaux-Maurouard then joined the Falcon Jet test program. He was the chief test pilot on the Falcon 900EX and Falcon 2000 head-up display development and certification programs. He also flew Falcon Jets at air shows. Many pilots had their first flights in Falcon Jets with Mitaux-Maurouard.