Monday, August 25, 2008

Jean Marie Saget 1929 -

Jean Marie Saget enlisted in the French Airforce in 1949 and after qualification,served as an Officer Pilot with the EC II/2 AT Dijon, flying Vampire and Ouragan jets..

In 1954 he won an air race between Paris and Cannes flying a Ouragan jet. In 1955 he left the Airforce after being invited by aircraft designer Marcel Dassault to become a Test Pilot with Dassault aviation, with whom he worked until 1989.

During his time with Dassault, he flew all the aircraft produced by the company and was involved in various programs : Etendard M, Mirage III, Mirage IIIV, Mirage F1,Mirage G-8, Alphajet and Mirage 4000, the Falcon jet family and the Breguet Atlantic.

He made 4 first of type flights
Etendard IVM on 21st May 1958
Mirage G-8 on 8th MAY 1971
Alphajet on 26th October 1973
Mirage 4000 on 9th March 1979

To date he has amassed over 18,000 flight hours, including 5,000 hours of aerobatics.